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Sri Lanka
No.11, Fife Road,
Colombo 05, Sri Lanka.
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peonex trading

About Peonex Trading

Peonex Trading Company (Pvt) Ltd was incorporated as a private limited liability company under companies Act No. 17, 1982 of Sri Lanka in the year 1988. Since then Peoenx Trading Company has acquired sold distributorships in Sri Lanka for a range of Construction machinery produced by reputed manufactures world wide. Today Peoenx Trading Company is holding distributorships in Sri Lanka


Exclusive distributor in Sri Lanka for Mikasa Brand Compacting Equipment manufactured by Miksa Sangyo Company Limited of Japan...

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Peonex Offers the most comprehensive line of OEM and aftermarket parts for earth moving , construction machinery & equipment...

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A Complete range of used and re-conditioned heavy earthmoving machineries are offered by Peonex at Very competitive prices affordable...

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